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Bruce Strebinger

Real Estate Developer

ABout ME

A real estate developer and entrepreneur, Bruce Strebinger has created a successful career in the field of real estate development and business in the Greater Vancouver region. As an entrepreneur for more than two decades, Strebingerr has focused on the development and restoration of real estate assets, along with project management from conception to completion.

In addition to building luxurious single-family homes, Strebinger and his colleagues are also building multi-screen entertainment facilities. A successful businessman, Bruce Strebinger has lent his expertise and experience to a number of high-end residential and commercial building projects throughout the course of his long and fruitful career.

Many of Strebinger's properties have been sold, including luxury and multi-family apartments, and many company assets have been sold as well. Strebinger is a devoted spouse and parent to his two young sons and a daughter. With two young children, his wife is an excellent mother and father. Also talented in his own way, he is an outstanding musician. Additionally, he enjoys a wide range of sports and other forms of relaxation... As well as spending time with his loved ones, Strebinger likes playing golf and other sports.